NYC Adventures II

Best wishes to everybody! May 2016 be filled with health, happiness, peace and beautiful music!
Three weeks after returning home from two weeks in the Big Apple I’m still feeling the thrill and inspiration of all the incredible music I heard and the musicians I met.
I can’t do justice to this trip, let alone this fabulous city, in just a few words but I want to share some highlights with you.
It’s almost surreal having to choose between concerts that in Europe (or anywhere else for that matter) you would look forward to for ages, are daily practice here and happen simultaneously all the time. You easily get a feeling you’re constantly missing out on something great, I can get used to this luxury! Although the costs keep your feet on the ground: in most clubs you’re outside after one set having spent at least 50 bucks. Some great musicians I heard include Peter Bernstein, Joe Lovano, Christian McBride, Gerald Clayton, Lewis Nash and Willie Jones III.
I was fortunate enough to catch a few free listening parties at Jazz at Lincoln Center with Phil Schaap (about Bird and Freddie Keppard) and the great Bill Charlap. Absolute highlights were the opportunities to have a lesson with Chris Potter and Aaron Goldberg. I can’t possibly express the inspiration I got from listening to and playing with these insane and generous musicians.
My hands are itching to get back in the shed. And to go back.

This year to me will be all about playing, teaching, shedding, new trips and the prospect of a new album. Stay tuned and hopefully until soon!